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Now You Can Submit Yearbook Photos From Everywhere!

Like most companies, that global pandemic of 2020 made us rethink many of our protocols. We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your yearbook activities from anywhere. In this post we’ll share the ways you can submit photos and information to Got Yearbooks.

Proprietary Software

Having a dedicated yearbook staff working with your yearbook team has never been easier. Our software program allows you to submit photos online using our proprietary picture portal. Each admin team receives a dedicated link and information that is unique to your school.

After each new submission the Got Yearbooks team is notified. We quickly jump into action to ensure the information meets our rigorous standards and guidelines as well as yours.

Ready For Any Challenge

The 2020 school year proved to be a monumental challenge for schools, parents and children alike. Publishing yearbooks in an online and offline and environment was totally new for us. We were determined to stay focused on our number one and number two objects, which are safety and quality.

We're happy to report that we've meet both of these objectives with flying colors. We're confident that we can meet the needs of your school and administrative staff, no matter the challenge.

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