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Latest software

Cloud-based web applications are the future of yearbook software, and we provide you with the best options in the business.
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The truth is, creating a yearbook is a big job. But with Got Yearbooks?, it can be less about stress and deadlines and more about collaboration, creativity and accomplishment. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most—enjoying the special moments of the year.

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Designed for the Web

Designed for the Web from the ground up, not converted from a desktop app. Better performance and increased security and reliability regardless of OS.

themes of your dreams.png

Themes of Your Dreams

You can choose from a bunch of themes that create the same look and feel throughout each page. You can even create your own! Drag your theme onto the page and watch the magic happen.

auto magic layouts.png

Auto-Magic Layouts

Pick a class, drag a layout. It's that easy. Adding clipart and other images on the page will auto-magically adjust the class photos so you never have text overlap or missing students.

painless subject data tools.png

Painless Subject

Data Tools

Using drag and drop with subject cards; correct, copy, move or rename your subjects and their class batches without drama.

candid submission made easy.png

Candid Submission Made Easy

There are multiple ways to submit candids: upload directly to the software, or have parents in your community upload to your custom URL or CaptureLIfe phone app.

adding text is a snap.png

Adding Text is a Snap

Double click on any page to add your text. Choose your font, size it, throw in some cool effects like drop shadow or outline!

true multi user.png

True Multi-User

Several users can be working on the yearbook at the same time! You can even see who is active and what they are working on in real-time.

upload graphics.png

Upload Graphics

Browse thousands of high-res clipart images! From cats and dogs to full scenic decorations. You can also upload and organize from your own library.

personal store.png

Personal Store

Sell your yearbooks online through our brandable store front. Distribute a short URL to your schools and let the money roll in!

here to save you time!


Drag and drop photos onto your page.


Use pre-designed templates or create your own – either way, you can save your templates to reuse throughout your yearbook


Just in case you change your mind on placement of pages, you can easily move your pages in the ladder view of the yearbook. You do not have to start over!

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