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Got Yearbooks, the Number One Choice for Small Schools

7 Reasons GotYearbooks is the Best Choice for Small Schools

It’s not uncommon for small school with enrollment of under 200 students to have difficulty in finding a yearbook company willing to produce small run yearbooks.

Smaller schools usually have limited resources, not to mention the full yearbook staff that a larger school may have.

Producing a small run yearbook doesn’t always end, in the sale of a yearbook for the school either. So, there is significant risk for all involved.

Given the limitations that small schools have with both staff and financial resources, having the right yearbook producing partner, becomes much more critical. work with private, public and home-schooling communities to provide them with the experiences that every child needs and wants.

Minimum yearbook production runs can start as low as 50 yearbook copies. Additional GotYearbooks can produce yearbooks that are smaller than the traditional 8x10, which can result in considerable financial savings for smaller schools or online communities.

The GotYearbooks staff has worked on literally hundreds of yearbooks and is the ultimate resources for filling in technical and creative gaps.

Here are the top 10 reasons should be your first choice.


1. Smaller Minimum Runs can produce as little as 50 yearbooks to meet the needs of a small rural school or even a home-schooling community that is grouped together for the purpose of creating an end of the semester yearbook.

2. Smaller Yearbooks

If you don’t need a traditional full size 8x10 year GotYearbooks can often produce smaller size or scale yearbooks that can drastically reduce the cost of printing for schools. Contact our team to discuss your custom needs.

3. Top Notch Support

The support team at GotYearbooks are so friendly that most school district yearbook staffs know them by first name and consider them friends.

Like many great relationships partners the support and feeling go both ways. We enjoy working with our school partners and look forward to seeing and working with them every year.

The GotYearbooks team is knowledgeable about graphic design, trends and cultural inspirations and has years of experience building yearbooks from scratch.

4. Quality Yearbooks

GotYearbooks takes deep pride in producing a quality products. As the “go-to” printer for more than a dozen school districts in Southern California alone, we don’t take the responsibility lightly.

5. No Yearbook Staff - No Problem

If your small school doesn’t have a designated yearbook staff – no problem. We’ve got this! Send us your photos online and we’ll create a spectacular and memorial yearbook for your school.

6. Home School Options

Parents of home-schooling communities and co-op can rest assured that we have options for them as well.

Because we offer low minimum print runs, GotYearbooks is a great option for online learners. Parents or teachers can simply upload images online for the GotYearbooks team will work with you to create a yearbook that is reflective of your online community.

7. Yearbook Conferences and Webinars

We understand that there can be a number of moving parts to creating the perfect yearbook. We also know that you have lots of questions – which is great because – we have answers!

Gotyearbooks sponsors yearly offsite conferences as well as webinars to interact with small and large schools alike.

We’re continually updating our knowledge base and information to help you produce the best yearbook possible for your school and students.

You’ll enjoy networking with other schools and parent fun and easy and chocked full of ideas and themes.


GotYearbooks works with school of all sizes for creative and independent yearbook production. The top-notch creative and support staff make designing and producing yearbook super easy.

Online webinars and offline events and conferences promote endless and fun ideas and networking opportunities.

For the latest trends and updates follow us on Social Media or call us directly at 866-606-7988.

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